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About JO

 Hey yall! My name is Jonee (pronounced Jo-NAY) however if you're close to me I go by JoJo, JO, Jolo, Joneezy, and the list goes on. I was born & raised in the DMV and have a special place in my heart for New Orleans (lived there for a year- best city in the WORLD).  I started Seasoned by JO back in April 2019 by hosting all my favorite recipes and cocktails on my IG page (follow @seasonedbyjo). I've always loved cooking and really became inspired by all of the wonderful women in my family who can THROW DOWN in the kitchen. A lot of my recipes are on the healthier side however don't get me wrong, I live for a good cheat meal. Beyond my homemade recipes, I am an ultimate FOODIE and love to eat out and try new foods. I am also obsessed with shopping at Trader Joe's. I feature a lot of my grocery finds from TJ's and should be sponsored by now (come on yall, cut that check). HA! Anyway, I hope to inspire you all with my recipes and yummy cocktails. Follow me on this journey! 

New to cooking?

Don't be intimidated!  My recipes are step by step and pretty simple to follow.  If you ever have questions, please always feel free to message me!

Meal Prep?

Based on my availability, I do offer meal prep services!  I have a busy schedule outside of Seasoned by JO, so please bare with me if interested.  For all meal prep inquires, please email me directly: seasonedbyjo@gmail.com

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